[1] Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice (Starting off with the Clash Royale Category)

Welcome to my blog about gaming! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy adding posts to it. This post will give all you viewers a little background of my current experiences with the app Clash Royale, and where I’m at on the game right now.

For some information on the game itself, Clash Royale is a head-to-head multiplayer game, which is unique from other games the company, Supercell, has made, as the game is completely made up of live battles against other players around the world.

img_0281The first picture displayed is, for those of you who don’t know, representing my current level in the game (The max level is 13) as of today. This screenshot was taken on my phone about a week ago, but since levels are hard to gain, It doesn’t matter because I’m still level 9. Now, the game is about collecting cards, and upgrading them, but other components of the game are strategy, and helping your fellow clan members get better. Personally, I’m in a clan called LDS War Redux, which is a friendly, and competitive, clan with everyone always trying to get better at the game.

Simg_0322peaking of my clan, here’s a photo of it (My gamer tag, Damon, is not displayed as I’m number 7 in the clan, and the picture only shows down to 6). Clans are very useful in the game because your clan mates can do practice battles with you, where you don’t lose any trophies, and they donate you cards, which you can use to upgrade. And, luckily for me, I have clan mates who have higher levels than me, so they can give me advice (since they have played longer). Now, off to the next topic.

img_0321ARENAS! Arenas are very important in Clash Royale, as they signify where you are at in the game, and they also pair you up with players with a similar skill level (and actual level) as you. Time for me to brag a little. Well, the arena system is separated based on trophy count (shown in the top right under the gold in the picture)., and you can’t advance on the next arena without first having the proper amount of trophies. (I have 2448 if you couldn’t see). Here’s what I was going to “brag” about. I’m in Arena 8, Frozen Peaks, which has taken me a long time to get to. There are a total of nine arenas in Clash Royale, as of now, and the higher you are, shows how good you are. Since I am in the second to last arena currently, this shows that I know how to play the game at least a little bit. Only joking, it takes skill, precision, and strategy. All this comes from having a good deck, that you know how to use. Speaking of Clash Royale decks, let me show you the one I use the most.

This is mimg_0320y deck, which I’ve changed multiple times over the duration of my advancement in the game. The cards I haven’t changed though are essential to my deck’s success. They are, first, the giant (bottom left near the blue vial). Second, the minions (top left [blue dragon things] near the goblin barrel). Third, the goblin barrel itself. Finally, the skeletons (pretty straight forward), and the cards above them, the spear goblins. These are all cards in my deck that I haven’t changed out once since the beginning of the game. The last thing I’m going to say in this blog post is, smart elixir use is IMPORTANT. Not all cards cost the same elixir. Some are cheap, like the skeletons (1 elixir), and some are more expensive, like the giant and wizard (both 5 elixir). Some cards are extremely expensive, such as the three musketeers (9 elixir), but they usually are worth the extra elixir. Additionally, all decks have an average elixir cost which shows how expensive or cheap the cards are to play. My deck is considered VERY CHEAP since I only have two hard hitters, and the rest are used for direct damage, distraction, or defense (What I call the Three D’s). This is all I have to say pertaining to these matters for this post.

This has been a very long post, I must rant a lot! Don’t worry, not all posts will be this time consuming. If you have any questions about the game that I left unanswered, visit the link(s) above to learn more about the game, and how to play. Have a nice day and Clash On!


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  1. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns about the game, contact me via my new twitter or instagram @damon_dahl by simply direct messaging me. You can always contact me at my new facebook at the same email also. Clash On!

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