[2] Getting My First Legendary Card in Clash Royale!

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Thimg_0328is was a day to remember, I couldn’t believe that after all the waiting, I finally got a legendary card, the rarest card type in Clash Royale!

It was very unexpected and I almost didn’t get it (because I overlooked it at first), but the offer in the shop was too irresistible. I got the chest. Anyway, there are a few legendary cards that I could’ve gotten, I really wanted the lumberjack,

img_0327BUT, I got the lava hound instead! It turned out to be an amazing card, even though I’ve only used it for a few days. I’m now at 2,450 trophies, and I’m happy to say so.

img_0329So, a word of advice: if you see a legendary chest in stock, buy it, and hope for the lava hound!


5 thoughts on “[2] Getting My First Legendary Card in Clash Royale!

  1. My deck with the lava hound is lava hound, goblins, spear goblins, minion horde, mirror, elixir collector, zap, and baby dragon. I prefer to mirror the baby dragon with the lava hound at the beginning of the match.


  2. Hey Damon, so I followed, and also, why would you want the lumberjack?! He sucks, so easy to kill. With the lava hound I would just go into a bunch of grand challenges, so easy to win with it.


    1. Oh yeah, I wanted it a while ago, until I got three of them! The card isn’t very effective at all, and the lava hound is my favorite legendary, I use it in every deck. As for Grand Challenges, I’ve got 12 wins on one using a lava hound, mega minion, goblin barrel, zap, lightning, ice wizard, log, and fire spirit deck. From grand challenges (I’ve done 3) I’ve gotten a ton of epics, but surprisingly, no legendary cards. Oh, and during the blind deck challenge I got 12 wins also, and got another ice wizards, 3 dark princes, and 2,000 gold. SO MUCH VALUE for 5 gems.

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