Clash of Clans First Money Spending Gem Experience!

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It was done. I finally spent money on Clash of Clans, and ever since these brand new deals starting coming out, I figured that it was worth it (it was).

I know it’s hard to see my Clash of Clans base, but to be honest you don’t really want to see it, it’s not that good for someone who’s been playing for a while. The main thing I wanted to show you is the fact that I bought the Town Hall 8 Pack, which I used to upgrade my town hall (finally!) to level 9, and I used the amazing new bomb tower for a better defense.

But, since I know that all of you probably like seeing what’s going on, I’ll show you the base pictures up close in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, the takeaway for this post is, if you see a good offer (like the one I just got) in your shop in Clash of Clans, take it, and use the supplies wisely.

That’s pretty much it for the post today, I’ll be trying to import silent videos of game play later on in the COC posts, so please stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading this post (assuming you are reading), and have a great night! But remember, Clash On!


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