PvZ Heroes Meets Halloween

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Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Today is a special post, since today is the day after Halloween. I hope you enjoyed the holiday yesterday, and I hope none of you had any clown problems! Today’s post will be short and sweet (like candy), simply telling you guys about my past Halloween PvZ Heroes experience, as the event has finally ended.

During this event I was able to buy a $5.00 pack from the last funds of my I tunes card, and I got two other Halloween packs from earning gems in-game.

These card packs were literally amazing, and my progress in the game has grown tremendously as I’ve used these special cards (mainly as a zombie hero).

Here are the packs, and some other things I took pictures of in the last few days relating to the game. Some of my amazing victories are shown as well, enjoy!

Special $5.00 Halloween pack: (sorry, I actually didn’t take a picture of this pack. I will show what I got out of it later though, in another post about this game. So stay tuned!).

Normal Halloween packs:

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If you have any questions about this blog, the game, or any other mobile games, just contact me at my twitter, email, or instagram. Have a nice day, and stay tuned for more high quality content!


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