Clash of Clans: Finally Town Hall level 9!

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Before Town hall 9


Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog! Here you will find quality blog posts that talk about my mobile gaming experiences, and also advice on games. For those of you who are new, welcome, and for those of you who are old followers of this blog, I’m so glad you are here! Today’s post will be about Clash of Clans, and the upgrading of my town hall. (If you don’t know what a town hall is, click here to check out Supercell’s  (the game creator) COC webpage).

It’s been over a year since I’ve had a town hall level 8, and I have finally upgraded to a level 9 TH on my Clash of Clans account. This is a huge step in Clash of Clans, since most people don’t upgrade their town halls for a while (in order to “max out” everything else they have in preparation for the new step in upgrades).

I guess I can say that I wasn’t quite ready for this new jump, since all my stuff, mainly my walls, weren’t fully upgraded, and now I’m up against way better players than myself in wars and normal battles (since they are usually th9’s with maxed out th8 stuff). But I am still happy for the change, as it has brought me back to the game that I once was a huge fan of. Also, my trophy levels are low, so at least I battle players that aren’t trophy pushing, or in other words, the best players.

Start of Town hall 9

The takeaway from this post:

  1. Don’t rush your town hall, it usually makes things harder on yourself.
  2.  Refrain from trophy pushing early on in your next town hall level, keep it easy and low for easier and more effective gameplay.
  3. If you become bored of the game, or feel like it’s not fun anymore, upgrade your town hall and make it fun again!

Also, on a side note, I now have 5 builders huts, the most you can have in the game, so that’s pretty cool (as they are a TON of gems, and gems take a while to get).

As always, I hope you found this post interesting, and if you did, please like, comment, and follow this blog for further updates. Have a nice day, and Clash on!


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