[5] What! A Third Legendary! Legendary Chest Opening in Clash Royale. (Sorry for the blurry photo!)

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“Recently I only had dreams about getting a legendary card, and now I have three!” – damondaboss

Here’s a video about Ice Wizard advice and how to use it by a famous Clash Royale YouTuber, Chief Pat. Click here to check out his video! You can also take a look at other videos on fire spirits, zap, and the other cards I mentioned by YouTubers like Chief Pat himself, or others YouTubers such as the famous advice-giving Orange Juice Gaming.

Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice, here today, as always, with damondaboss. For those of you who are new to my blog, this is a gaming blog about advice, wow, it’s almost like it’s in the name! Also, this blog’s main purpose is to inform all of YOU about how I feel about certain mobile games, and for me to find out how you feel about my blog, and the content. If you want more of something, let me know, and if you want less, well, give me a good reason to stop posting about a certain topic!

Today’s post will be about, as shown above, me getting a new legendary in my favorite mobile app, Clash Royale. The new card I won was the Ice Wizard, the best defensive card in Clash Royale. So far, this card has worked amazingly on improving my defensive plays, at a cheaper and more affordable rate.

Advice on how to use: The Ice Wizard

So as I mentioned beforehand, this card is the best defensive card in the game, but only if used wisely. Here are a few tips I have on how to use the card effectively, in offense and defense.

1. Use the Ice Wizard paired with the Mega Minion against:

  • Hog Riders
  • Golems
  • Giants
  • Lava Hounds
  • and pretty much any tanky card you can imagine in Clash Royale

2. How to use the Ice Wizard on offense, it’s easy! First, when pushing with a tank card, in my case it is the legendary Lava Hound, place the Ice Wizard behind it. Depending on what cards you currently have in cycle you can:

A) Use a zap on minions, a minion horde, or other cheap troops (that can either die from the zap or the Ice Wizard’s follow up hit). This will allow the Ice Wizard to kill good tank destroyers such as minions and the minion horde.

B) Use the Log to bump back any troop attacking the tank, usually:

  • Archers
  • Musketeers
  • Wizards
  • Ice Wizards
  • and many other ground ranged troops

This tactic will allow the ice wizard to slow down the already damaged troop, and give it an easier kill on the troop before it’s supported by something else that could kill the Ice Wizard.


C) Use fire spirits to help the Ice Wizard on an offensive attack (behind a tank card obviously). The fire spirits are very useful cards. Only being 2 elixir, these troops, if not countered by arrows, or more commonly a zap, can be a deadly force against your opponents troops and towers. The fire spirits are three little fire ball-like creatures that jump out at their enemies, and deal massive area damage when grouped together. They can easily counter most troops and are great for supporting an Ice Wizard. In more detail, they can:

  • Stop a group of 4 barbarians by weakening them tremendously, giving the Ice Wizard a chance to strike the final blows.
  • kill minions, and sometimes a minion horde (but usually one minion survives with half health in a horde)
  • stop any cheap troop like skeletons, goblins, spear goblins, (even archers!), etc.


These are but a few of the uses of the amazing Ice Wizard card. If you liked this post, please give it a like, re-blog,  and tell your friends about this blog, to keep it with more current, consistent, and exciting posts.

As always, have a great day, and Clash On!

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