[7] Clash Royale: Overview of the King’s Cup

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Today’s post is about the King’s Cup Event that recently passed in Clash Royale, even the Double Elixir Challenge passed, so I’m a little behind on talking about it! But, here goes nothing, because I’m going to briefly explain what the decks in the challenge were, and how to use them. I also want you to know that these strategies may come in handy later, as an event that’s similar to this might come around.

Pictures of the event, and some of my battle successes. By the way, I didn’t take a picture of it, but I was able to pull off 10 wins in the challenge on my last try before it ended.


In the King’s Cup, there was a good variety of decks the player was given, but I only took photos of the ones I could (which are most, or all, of them anyway). This post will simply be me telling how to best use each of the decks, the four, that I took photos of.

Personally, I really enjoyed having fresh decks every round, and I think the King’s Cup was a great way for Clash Royale players to branch out from their comfort zones and use cards they wouldn’t normally use.

The decks are…

  • Dark Lightning – The best way, I found, to use this deck was to swarm the enemy with cheap troops, and then placing the lumberjack and dark prince in front of these troops to act as tanks to the powerful, but weak, troops behind them.
  • The Frozen Hog – The entire purpose of the deck was to slow down the enemy so that the hog rider could get some hits off the tower, the poison and ice wizard were great used with the hog rider, and the ice spell was the best card to use against the tower (and troops on top, or near, it) in order for the hog rider to get serious damage on the crown or King’s towers.
  • The Raging Balloon (Favorite by far!) – This deck is simple, distract the enemy with the witch and Valkyrie, and use the archers, ice spirit, and rage spell with the balloon, which can easily take a tower in 10 seconds. The balloon while raged, was practically unstoppable when it reached the tower.
  • X-Bowler – The trick to this deck is to put the X-Bow behind the big and tanky bowler, and to support the bow from behind with the princess to deal with aerial attacks.


And that’s really it for this blog post, tell me how you felt about it either from comments, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email. As always, have a good day and, Clash On!


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