Boom Beach: a New Way to Play

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Hello everyone, and welcome to a game similar to Clash of Clans, and made by the same company (Supercell), Boom Beach! To learn more about this game, check out the page about it by simply clicking here.

To do a little background about this game, the two main enemies you have to face are the notorious Blackguard, and Dr. T. Most of your “Story-mode” missions have to do with Blackguard, but you can battle Dr. T in smaller side stores, and you can attack his small bases like any other enemy base. But every once in a while, Dr. T has a Mega Crab come, which can give you very good loot, and also a fun mini story mode to participate in.

Here are some pictures of the Boom Beach villains, already present, and possibly to come in a future update.

1) Black Guard







2) Colonel Gearheart?






3) Dr. T


Besides the basic plot I briefly talked about, there is little you can do in Boom Beach besides taking resource bases, attacking other players, and upgrading your base (Like Clash of Clans, except you only have one builder). To learn more about these things, go to the link above to get a more detailed description on them. Or, to have a visual assistance, just go to this YouTube channel, (The Actual Boom Beach Channel) about the game to learn more.

That’s really it for today’s post, I just wanted to introduce the Boom Beach app into this blog for future posts about it, including one on the past (Red) Boom Beach event that happened recently (I’ll probably do this post soon).

Thanks for being here on my blog, I hope you all have a nice day, and Clash On!

Also, don’t forget to like, comment, and follow this blog for future content and definite responses to any questions/comments you may have. (I also take suggestions about mobile games to put on this blog, so keep that in mind). Bye!


7 thoughts on “Boom Beach: a New Way to Play

  1. Nice! I love Boom Beach a ton more than clash of Clans because of the SUPER LONG training and upgrade time for Clash of Clans. I’m probably going to make a post “advertising” Boom Beach so players will be familiar with it.

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    1. Thanks for your insight on the game, I also like it, and am a level 34. I also like that they just recently released an update where you can have more than one builder working on something at a time in Boom Beach. This is extremely useful for upgrading to the next level.

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    2. I know that it’s sometimes a burden to post and stuff on this website, but I don’t want you to stop posting, I want you to hit it big! 😀 If you ever want to chat on Clash Royale, my clan is lds warredux. Spelled that exact way. It’s full right now, but the feeder clan, lds1stdimension, is open. I hope to see you there, but I know you probably like your old clan anyway. Ttyl, bye!


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