[8] Clash Royale: The “Newest” Cards- Tornado, Elite Barbarians, and the Clone Spell. Also, finally there’s the Electro Wizard, coming in the near future.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Today I will be briefly going over the newest cards to Clash Royale: the clone spell, elite barbarians, electro wizard, and tornado.

Below are images of the cards, and their statistics at level one (going with their card rarity), besides the electro wizard. Now, to some of the more prominent card uses!

Clone Spell: This card is amazing, and can be used for many reasons. One can clone skip with it, which is basically moving your troop, that isn’t cloned, away from something it could be distracted by, for example, a giant skeleton moving away from a protective cannon. The clone spell always moves the pre-cloned troop to the right, which is good to know for “clone skipping.” This card is also great with the use of lava hounds (for the pups), giant skeletons (for the highly powerful bomb), witches (for the spawned skeletons), and for balloons (again for the bomb, but also the huge tower damage). These are some of the very common uses of the clone spell in this very meta. Btw, if you don’t know what the term “meta” is, check out what it means, and learn more about these cards, at YouTube on Channels such as Orange Juice Gaming, or Nickatnyte (both of their channels will be in the bottom of the post).

Elite Barbarians: This cards are pretty straightforward, they’re like upgraded barbarians. Now, again thanks to the new update coming, they will truly be elite, as they can take down tanks, run to that tower faster with more damage per second (dps), and be a total pain to archer decks, as they will now kill archers in a single hit! Get ready to see these cards used more often, and try to find counters for them, such as air troops, that can stop their charge towards your towers!

Tornado Spell: This card has been looked at as kind of a joke, a card to use only to draw out your king tower, for some time. But thanks to the new “buff” or upgrade to it, in the close update, this card will be great for the purposes it was made for. It will be a good troop gatherer, by dragging all the enemy troops into on space (where you can zap, fireball, lightning, or use about any spell you can think of). It will also be a good troop staller, for those epic last minute wins. Lastly, this card will be used to bring troops together for splash units especially, where the enemy troops can easily be defeated (as the wizard and bomber, both splash unit cards, are being buffed in the nearest update).

Electro Wizard: This card isn’t actually out yet, but based off the information about it, I can give you a pretty good idea on how to use it. This card is great for “zapping” minions, skeletons, goblins, and many other cheap troops, especially with the damage dealt with its spawn. Coupled with the zap spell, this card could easily take out minions, and minion hordes, similarly to the ice wizard’s last hit on the already damaged troops (from the zap). The electro wizard has many possibilities! Who knows? This card might be a great replacement for fireball, arrows, or even the ice wizard!

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I know today’s post was mainly advice, and besides that, a little short, but don’t worry! Making the post shorter has given me more time to make more posts in a smaller amount of time, so get ready for at least one more post before winter break!

As always, follow, like, and comment to this blog for future content! Stay tuned for more posts about new cards, and how to use them! And remember, Clash On!


Orange Juice Gaming


PS: Now there’s more to come with a new leak about a Jungle Arena, which will come to Clash Royale in 22 days (since I am writing this excerpt on 12/22/16), and now their are also four new cards, three of which will be added to this new arena!


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