[9] The New Jungle Arena in Clash Royale! Also, introducing the Dart Goblin, Battering Ram, Executioner, and the Goblin Gang!

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Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice, where you can find quality content about mobile games, and more specifically for today, Clash Royale. For those of you who are new, welcome, and for those of you who are NGA Veterans, thanks for all the support! Today’s post will be on a major update in Clash Royale, which was truly unexpected to all of its players.

The update was simply, a new arena, and four new cards. The new cards are as listed, three of them (the Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, and The Executioner) are in the new arena, coming in the next upcoming weeks, and one of them is an addition to the Builder’s Workshop arena, the new Battering Ram card.

  1. Dart Goblin (released on the day of the jungle arena’s release) – Health of an archer, speed (and hit speed) of a lumberjack, and green like a goblin. Sounds weird? That’s because it is.
  2. Goblin Gang – 3 “stab” goblins, 3 spear goblins, and a whole lot of trouble. Enough said.
  3.  [The] Executioner – What can’t he hit? He’s a walking minion horde be-gone, and he also knows how to exterminate those pesky weak troops like goblins, skeletons, fire spirits, (borderline weak troop health: ice spirits and archers), and much more. They probably should’ve just called him “The Exterminator.”
  4. Battering Ram – Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone removed the spikes off the log, and then gave the wood to a pair of barbarians? The brutes would probably just charge a tower with the log. Wait, that’s actually what the Battering Ram does! Fast and dangerous at 2x speed (similar to a prince’s charge) the Battering Ram will prove to be versatile in many a battle. Like seriously, that’s actually a real thing. Like 100% legit. What in the world was Supercell thinking?

The arena itself also has many cool attributes. These too will be listed, and pictures for all the images will be provided down below.

The Jungle Arena

  • At double elixir time it has lighting flash, and rain fall down.
  • New animations bring the arena to life!

For more information on this new arena, and the new cards to be released, take a look at Supercell’s page on this update, which will be below the images.

Images (Epics on Sunday, New Cards, Clan Chest, and New Challenges):

Thanks for visiting my blog! Stay tuned for more Clash Royale content! And if you’re interested in other mobile games, leave your comments down below, as it helps shape the future of this blog! (More posts from other games will be on their way shortly) As always, follow, re-blog, and like this blog to keep it running! I love the support and can’t wait until next time! Until then, Clash On!



Supercell – talking about the Jungle Arena

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