[10] The [New] Executioner: Good or Bad?

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The Clash Royale definition of “The Executioner”

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Hello everyone, I’m damondaboss, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice. I’m sorry that it’s been an entire TWO WEEKS since I last posted, but don’t worry, this post will hopefully fill up the gap that was made with tons of content and advice! Today’s post will be on, as you probably guessed, Clash Royale. But to be more specific, it’s on the newest card added to the game, the Executioner! Now, let’s get right into the post/advice that I have prepared with days of using this new card, and seeing what it can do.

1. I never realized the potential of the Executioner card until I first used it. It was an entirely unfamiliar card to me, yet it was so similar to other cards I’ve used before (and I’ve used every card in the game, so I guess it can relate to a handful of them). It’s unique in it’s own way, and here’s what I first found out about the new Executioner card on my first time using it. It can stun (unlike a zap)/ distract enemies from targeting certain troops.executioner-graveyard-deck-2 It uses it’s axe as a boomerang (As shown on the side), which gives it a safe area around it, used to protect against swarm troops. It can also better protect “tanky” cards such as the Giant, Golem, or Lava Hound. If you want to learn more about how the card interacts with enemy units, check out Orange Juice Gaming’s Executioner Game play video on YouTube.

2. At first, I didn’t know if the card would be worth using or not until I kept encountering cheap, and low, hit-point (hp) units/troops such as the minion horde, spear goblins, and skeletons. The great thing about the Executioner is that It’s as expensive as a Bowler, and the difference is that it can target air and ground troops, while the bowler only hits troops on the ground. (Comparison Picture shown on the right). Two other great things about this new card are that:https://258clashroyale.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Comparison-between-Bowler-and-Executioner-1.jpg

  • It can counter once annoying cards to deal with, such as the legendary graveyard and lava hound. As shown in the official Clash Royale’s YouTube short on The Executioner. Clash Royale YouTube Video.
  • It also has a fast return + throw speed of its axe, which keeps it from being attacked by swarm troops in the approximate 2 seconds that the axe is in the air.

3. Then I realized that the new executioner card was really just a better version of the Wizard, which I used to use in my lower arena decks to take care of “swarm units.” (Ex: Skeleton army, Minion horde, the upcoming Goblin Gang, etc.). First things first, It has more health than a Wizard, which is the same elixir cost, and it also has a bigger tile splash attack radius than one too. This alone shows that The Executioner is the best splash unit card, besides the cheap 2 elixir fire spirits, out there! Here’s another Comparison picture, now featuring the Wizard (Shown below). Also, here are some more things I realized that The Executioner was better at than the wizard:


  • The Executioner has a slight protective radius as the axe returns to it’s hand, which makes it hard to deal with. As shown in  Orange Juice Gaming’s YouTube video on how to use the Executioner.
  • Lastly, it has one of the greatest area damages, with character cards, in the game, making it a viable option to use in almost any deck. Picture of splash effect shown to the right).

4. So now I use the executioner card in my own lava hound deck that I created for challenges, tournaments, and occasionally competitive battles on the ladder (AKA trophy earning battles). It’s a great card against any level swarm cards, as it still damages them all, and always will kill skeletons. It can also be used to get easy 12 win challenges (max stage for challenges), since it is such an easy card to use. (Picture of a 12 win challenge shown below/ to the left).https://i.ytimg.com/vi/If9i8VmH_aE/maxresdefault.jpgFinally, it can hit multiple targets at a time, not excluding large ones that would normally “soak up” a Wizard or Bowler’s splash attack.  Nickatnyte’s YouTube Channel
demonstrates this as he uses the card against other players.

That’s it for today’s epic blog post! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please spread the word about NiceGamingAdvice, which would help me make more content faster, and more efficiently. As always, have a nice day, and Clash On!

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