[11] Legendary Arena: 4,196 Trophies

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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! For all you old timers, and veterans to this blog, I welcome you back! And, for all you new people, here to check out my blog for the first time, It’s nice to meet you! Also, everyone who’s a US citizen here, or anyone watching the Big game, I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl!

This blog post will be about the deck I used in order to get to 4,196 trophies, how I use it, and some other exciting things that have happened to me while playing mobile games!

It’s been quite some time since I last talked about how I was doing in the game, since I’ve been mainly talking about new cards and strategies in the game. Well, first things first, I’ve done so much that I can’t describe it all in this mere post, so I’ve just decided to do a slideshow on some things that have happened to me recently on my Clash Royale account.

Disclaimer: I didn’t purchase all those gems and money offers from my own wallet, or from anyone else I know. But, I won some YouTuber, from another country (I believe Norway or Sweden)’s 10,000 gem tournament, and along with the prized chest (which I was unable to screenshot since my photo space was full) I was given a $50.00 I tunes card because of some giveaway he had going on his YouTube channel. I then used this to purchase the winter, jungle, and fortune pack offers, and this gave me all the gems I currently have. I also never spend my gems expect on certain card bundles, when the card comes out, or on some challenges, so I always have a ton of gems. This was one of the happiest moments in my Clash history, since I’ve never won so much money, or any money for that matter, for free.

Here are some of the screenshots I took on my recent Clash Activity. I will be posting more in a future post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, the deck that got me so far in Legendary Arena is this, and I’ll list the levels:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

  1. Lava Hound (level 2, 7 elixir)- The tank of the deck, used for soaking up damage, getting damage with the pups, drawing out arrows, zap, or poison, or even to distract the now overpowered executioner, this card can do some many things for what it’s worth!
  2. Lightning (level 5, 6 elixir)- Great for doing the finishing blow on a tower, but mostly for good tower damage, along with taking out troops such as the mega minion, musketeer, ice wizard, wizard, princess, and anything similar.
  3. Ice Wizard (level 2, 3 elixir)- Great of defense, not the best on offense. I use the ice wizard to slow down tanks, slowly kill off troops like the witch or mega minion, protect against the minion horde, skeleton army, goblins, etc. or even to soak up damage as a “mini tank” for a goblin barrel strike.
  4. The Log (level 2, 2 elixir)- Again, a great defensive card. It pushes back troops, can do the finishing blow to a rival troop, or can kill goblin barrels, spear goblins, skeleton armies, ice spirits, or fire spirits, completely!
  5. Fire Spirits (level 11, 2 elixir)- Insane power for what they’re worth, the fire spirits have some of the best splash damage in the game! They, like the log, can make the final blow on enemy troops or towers, can completely shut down low health units, even archers, severely damage troops like the witch, mega minion, or musketeer, and they can also take out minions and minion horde easily, or even barbarians (if a matching level) without taking tower damage.
  6. Mega Minion (level 8, 3 elixir)- Powerful hitter with low health, keep it protected behind the Lava Hound, or even an ice wizard, and it will reward you greatly. It can be used to shut down some of the highest hitpoint enemies, and if paired with the ice wizard, can shut down a giant or lava hound, with a powerful counter push ready.
  7. Goblin Barrel (level 5, 3 elixir)- Used to draw out zap, arrows, fireball, or anything the enemy can throw at it! The goblin barrel is a great distraction card, and can be vital in many situations while using my deck. I also do tricky goblin barrel placements to draw out a zap or log, and have the enemy miss, so that they have to fight harder to shut down the three goblins.
  8. Skeleton Army (level 4, 3 elixir)- Great against tank cards or squishy ground unit cards, it can be used for many reasons. The skeleton army is also a zap bait, log bait, arrow bait, etc. card that can be used to stop even the most powerful of pushes. Make sure to use this card after the goblin barrel is zapped or logged (and you already know that their defense against the skeleton army is gone) or vice versa.

It’s crazy that I’m so far in legendary arena with only a total of 864 WINS! This fact shows that my win-lose ratio is way better than most of the people I battle. As a side fact, most of the people I battle now are level 11s with much better leveled troops that I have, but I still win because of skill and determination.

I hope this little update on my first Clash Royale account helps you out on learning about a good deck to take you to Legendary Arena, since I’ve used this deck since the start of Frozen Peaks and it never disappoints! I also have a level 6 account in Royal Arena, arena 7, and I will talk about how a low level 6 got that far in the game already, with only 104 wins in my clan’s feeder clan: LDS1stDimension.

As always, I hope this information helped all of you, and I do hope you stick around to get more advice, fun gameplay, random posts, and more! Have a good day, and Clash On!

Sites/Sources used for the content (pictures)

Featured Image – Clashroyalearena.com

Slideshow – NiceGamingAdvice (My Phone)

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9 thoughts on “[11] Legendary Arena: 4,196 Trophies

      1. Nice! Sounds like a great deck for cycling to the hog! I might have to try that one day, just for fun. Feel free to comment on any of my other posts, for game suggestions, room suggestions (In the Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator Posts), and whatever you can/want! 😀

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  1. Hey Damon, can you see if my deck is okay. It’s miner, skarmy, archers, fire spirits, rocket, mirror, GB (goblin barrel), and zap. If you’re reading and think what the heck is rocket for, well there was a guy who was level 7, IN ARENA 8 using a decent deck-royal giant and bowler, without rocket I would have died real quick. Consider my epics level 2/3, rares 4, and commons 7/8. I’m only level eight and in Arena 8. So in my opinion, I’m doing OKAY.

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    1. I think that your deck sounds great! Miner rocket is a really popular strategy right now in legendary arena. The mirror rocket is also the deck used by the best player, or at least the one who was the best yesterday or so. Anyway, your deck sounds great and, if you make sure to bait out the zap, log, or both at the same time, the GB and skarmy could both be really useful! I love the comments, keep them coming! 😀

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