Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator: I’m back, and ready to talk about what’s new on PTS

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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! A lot has happened since I last talked about PTS. Make sure to like, comment, and re-blog this post for more like it! Thanks for all the support, and let’s get into the real topic!

Obviously this game has died down a lot from now and the time it came out, but it’s still consistent on updates and new content. So far there have been a lot of events such as the following (Not necessarily in this order):

  • (Red) Event – Fight against AIDS
  • Christmas Event
  • Halloween Event

There have also been a multitude of contests and challenges to customize your room. But now there’s a great event, similar to clans in COC, Clash Royale, or even guilds in Star Wars: Force Arena (sneak peak info to the next subject of this blog).  This thing is called Networks, a way to connect, literally, with other PTS players. There are perks of larger networks, and all you need to do is donate a little views for great advantages in the game. My network is currently level 3, and the perks are already very useful while I play the game here and there.

I also want to know what my room should look like, give me ideas in the comment section BELOW!

That’s all I wanted to say about this game for this post, but that’s not all I’m going to say today. Here’s another MINI sneak peak of ideas that this blog could do, as I want this site to be relatable to YOU and to my other great viewers and followers!

New Blog Topics could be:

  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (which I’m quite good at)
  • Star Wars: Force Arena (Which I’m okay at, but I do like this game)
  • Abyssirium/ Tap Tap Fish
  • and ANY mobile gaming suggestions from any of you!

That’s it for today’s post. As always, have a great day, keep being a great audience, and I’ll see you in the next post! DamonDaBoss OUT!


Sites/Sources used for the content (pictures)

Featured Image – Swordking090 Youtube Channel

Friendly Blogs In the Community:






Extra Clash Royale Pictures of past activity (As promised in my last post):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator: I’m back, and ready to talk about what’s new on PTS

      1. It was really fun in the beginning but eventually the game got kinda boring, so I only check it every little bit. The events are what keep me playing it. I also want to keep my blog categories, that aren’t just Clash Royale, active, so I have to post about some of the older games here and there.


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