Blog Criteria and Guidelines

This is an example of the digital responses to new members of NiceGamingAdvice. People will receive all, if not one, of these posts to help them start their journey as a member of NGA. I hope you find this useful, any of you that are new to the blog’s team, or anyone who wants to be in it in the future.

Email format (what you will receive after being accepted to join the blog, when there is the next blog application):

You have been accepted to be the newest member of NiceGamingAdvice (NGA). Get ready to start posting and making NGA (which you are a part of now) a better blog! I will start you off with a position that allows you to write your own material, and edit it as desired, but which allows me to have the final say in the posting part. Your position on the blog will change as loyalty, dedication, and trust are shown. I will be very tolerable about what you post as long as it follows these simple guidelines: 1. Do not use vulgar, inappropriate, or “cussing” language in any posts. 2. Write about video games, keep the content consistent so that categories can be made about the topics. 3. Do not “hate” on NGA in any way, and show no political, religious, or racial views on any content, or in any comments (or risk losing the rights to the blog). 4. Lastly, use pictures, be entertaining, and try to be active in the blog when possible. There are so many possibilities on what you can do/write about, so be creative, and make it obvious that you enjoy what you do as a member of NiceGamingAdvice. Have a great day, get ready to post, and welcome to the NGA team!


Bloggers on the NGA team should also remember this extra info. Here’s another example message I would send after the first (The messages will vary and usually be more personalized, depending on the individual recipients).
Also, try to post similarly to my style, use my recent CONTENT in posts as examples. Try and use #NiceGamingAdvice as a tag as often as possible, write excerpts in the extra content part of the post, and get feature images (Appropriate to the topic). It’s nice when the posts have images, so use those, and even links, when possible. Thanks again!

If this wasn’t enough information, please contact me personally, or simply comment through a blog post. All of this is meant for new members of NGA, but some of it is for others to see for future use (such as the top part, letting others know when more blog applications will open up).



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