New members of NiceGamingAdvice!

So, as many of you know, I sent out a post (this post) about blog applications and about the 30th post on this website. At first the requests were slow, but they sped up enormously near the end. Finally, there will officially be two members added to NGA! (A little advice: Sorry if any of you applied but didn’t make it, I was looking for 2-3 people and 9 applications were simply too much for NGA as of now. Be ready for next time though!).

The new members are Cory and gabenweb! Feel free to check out their blogs if you want! Also, I’m super excited to be working with these new members, and please let us know what we can do, as a team, to keep NGA relevant and fun to visit! Thanks everyone, and now expect some posts coming here and there from other bloggers (but they’ll still be on the topic of games of course).

They will be send some guidelines to follow, which I will be trying to incorporate to this blog ASAP.

With gratitude,


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