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Hello world, it’s DamonDaBoss here with another Clash Royale post! I know, it’s crazy! Actually, there hasn’t been a Clash Royale post on NGA for some time now, so I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about some new cards, talk about how I’m doing in the game personally, and of course, give you some advice on the game! Today’s post is about… wait never mind I already did that. ANYWAY, let’s get right into the post!

Now, it’s been a long time since my last Clash Royale post, and there’s just so much to talk about so I’ll start from the beginning and summarize the unimportant parts. The last post had an image of the now Hog Mountain, which was actually Legendary Arena when I made that post. Now I technically can say I’ve never been in Jungle Arena (Since I was in the Arena 10 Legendary Arena when it came out) or Hog Mountain (At least ever since it’s been called Hog Mountain, since the moment the new Legendary Arena came out I was put into it based on my trophies; I’ve never dropped into Hog Mountain either).

Anyway, that’s just the arena changes, but here are a few more that I’ve had on my profile. I officially turned into a level 11 this Sunday, which is amazing for me, since I’ve been a level 10 for the longest time now, and it helps a lot with card interactions (health on towers and damage down by towers). This helps especially since more than 90% of the players I go against are level 11 or up (.5% are level 13s, and around 4% are level 12), and and I only battle level 10s around 10% of the time. But even as a level 10, my wins were very high for my level and skill, and I actually would rather battle level 11s because their skill level usually was worse than other “out of the usual arena” players like level 10s. Anyway, my personal high was 4486 trophies, which I got in the last season (the second season with leagues like Challenger 1 and up) in Challenger 2. During that season though, I was gone for a week because of the cruise I recently went on, so I know for a fact that I could’ve gotten to Challenger 3 with my deck, even as a level 10 at the time.


The deck to the left is a picture of my deck prior to my leaving of the cruise, as I’m still a level 10 in the picture, but the deck and levels in it haven’t changed in the slightest. Even in the post I did a long time ago, I believe, I used the same deck, since It’s been steady in all the metas (stages of card uses and declines) and balance changes that the game has had. I actually wanted to change one of the cards in it out for the heal, but I found that my deck works best the way it is, even without using the unpredictable level 7 heal spell that I have. I intend on using this deck until one of the cards, or more, are severely nerfed, and I hope it can take me to 5000 trophies and beyond. The chest I got for the now one month long (it used to be 2 weeks for a season) season chest was only decent, as it didn’t have a legendary this time, but here’s an image of it below.


IMG_1079 (1)IMG_1081 (1)I actually won 11 wins on the heal spell challenge as well, which was an incredible challenge with amazing rewards like a free giant chest, the new heal spell, and 25,000 gold (I used the gold to upgrade my fire spirits to level 12, making me turn level 11 in the first place)! I sadly didn’t get to 12 wins (My phone shut off on the last battle, as I didn’t charge my phone after my back to back battles in the challenge), but that’s alright since I only played the challenge once, using my free entry, and not wasting 100 gems just to get more heal spells. I also got a legendary Princess, and more heals, so I think the chest was still amazing to get in IMG_1096the first place. There’s also a heal spell offer as of today, but I don’t know if I should use 200 gems on the 100 heal spells, since I’ve taken a long break from paying money in the game, and I don’t intend to for a LONG time. COMMENT DOWN BELOW IF I SHOULD BUY IT OR NOT, BUT DO SO QUICKLY; IT WILL ONLY LAST A LITTLE BIT LONGER! Here’s an image of that card pack as well. I also had some other cool chests and challenges that I’ve done, so I’ll put a few more images together in a slideshow format at the bottom of the post for a bit more information. I honestly think that’s enough for the update part, because I just spewed a good amount of information at you, my viewers, in a short amount of space, so let’s move on to the advice.

What should you do when you encounter a heal spell in a real battle, since more and more people will have them in hog mountain and above as time goes on. Well…

First, notice the elixir your opponent just spent. If they used an expensive push like Elite Barbarians, Hog Rider, and then a heal after a few seconds, (Yes, I’ve actually seen these plays made in the heal spell challenge, and in TV Royale) you could counter the push with minimal damage with:

  • Skeleton Amry
  • Minion Horde
  • Goblin Gang, and some other support (Ex: Electro Wizard, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Valkyrie, Bowler, etc.)
  • Fire Spirits (Alone if the levels match up with the E-Barb levels, making them easy to kill by any other troop, or with another support right away if the fire spirits are underleveled compared to the Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians.)

These are just a few suggested counters to many big heal pushes like the example. I personally use my Ice Wizard and Mega Minion together to stop Elite Barbarians or Hogs, with other troops such as my fire spirits or skeleton army (depending on the rotation), and I love to use Lighting against combos like the Hog E-Barb combination, Image result for heal spellsince it throws them off, and I can log, or fire spirit, them before they can start to heal. Like I said earlier, the heal spell is very new to the game, and just depending on your deck style, try to find a balance with counters and counter pushes relating to the heal spell (Also the Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians should have counters in your deck. Trust me, you’ll see those cards used a lot the higher you go in arenas, or in the lower arenas for that matter, and I mean these cards will be used A LOT; so be ready). That’s really it for the advice on today’s post. Just be ready for some crazy expensive combos, some goblin barrel and miner combos, and some other cheap combos with the amazing heal spell!


I’ve been checking this website called Stats Royale  lately, to see my chest cycles and all statistics about the current meta, cards to use, most popular decks for challenges, tournaments, and ladder matches, and their win ratios, etc. and this website is amazing! Not only is it supported by Supercell, as it was shown on News Royale, but I highly recommend using it to check out what’s happening on the inside of the game with every update! I also suggest using deckshop.pro for a rundown on your deck based on your arena; letting you know what it’s good against, what it is weak to, what it’s great, amazing, or good with, and what you should change. It actually rated my deck as really good overall, and It said that I had no card weaknesses, but that it didn’t have many synergies between my cards (It only has 1 synergy, which means it there only is 1 really good card combination in my deck).

That’s it for today’s long post about Clash Royale! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it, since I’m so happy to start up the Clash Royale section of this blog again! As always, have a great day, and please re-blog, like, comment, etc. on this blog if you liked the post (everything helps keep this blog running, and staying relevant to what YOU guys want to see)! Also, don’t forget to Clash On!

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