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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Wow, that name is a lot to take in! Just refer to us as the NGA team, if that’s easier for you! Today’s post is simply an update post, so “enjoy” it the best you can!

That link right there is for a blog site called bloglovin’ (AND FOR SOME REASON IT ONLY HAS LIKE 11 OF THE 40 SOMETHING POSTS I’VE DONE ON THIS SITE!) I’m doing this post because it says that I need to add that very link in a new post on NGA to claim it as my own on their site, so I decided to do this as soon as possible, to avoid the chances of losing my claim on NiceGamingAdvice on bloglovin’.

The entire purpose of this post is to get my email attached to that site for NiceGamingAdvice, and to inform you all that I got some (okay, well maybe a lot) widgets on my blog, to better the look and quality of NGA!

Get ready for blog applications near the end of this month!

As always, stay amazing, have a great day, don’t forget to follow, like, re-blog, or comment on this blog to support the NGA team! Everything you guys do helps encourage me to keep the gaming advice coming, and the fun I have while doing it never stopping!

Keep being amazing people!

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