Last Final, Summer Plans, Slower Posting (For Summertime, and hopefully back to normal when School starts up again)

First things first, THANKS FOR BEING SUCH GREAT FRIENDS/FOLLOWERS/VIEWERS! This blog has been through a lot in it’s making: hate, support, uncertainty, but it’s still been around because of the support that I’ve received from all of you fellow bloggers, friends, and associates. I know I’ve been really absent on WordPress for like 10 days, and this will sadly continue, but here’s why. Also, I’ve been absent thus far because of Finals I’ve been taking in High School, which have been time-consuming and hard.

My Summer Schedule is packed, and you’ll see why.

  • 1 week of a fun youth camp
  • 1 week of choir performances
  • 2 weeks in Utah visiting cousins and relatives
  • Getting a Part time Job
  • and sooooooo much more!

That’s it for this little update, I can’t wait to be back on WordPress actively, but until then, keep being awesome and enjoy Summer!

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Quick Update

Hey everyone, this is DamonDaBoss. Today’s post won’t be about gaming, as my computer is having issues, and I can’t efficiently do a good gaming post. I also have Finals in school, so I need to study for those anyway. But here goes nothing, a little update on what’s going on in NGA!


  1. I might have a company sponsoring NiceGamingAdvice… so that’s pretty cool!
  2. I only have two more weeks of school, counting this one, until Summer. There are days ahead of us!
  3. My computer is having issues, so I’m trying to fix it so I can do a planned post I almost have ready (also all the data and whatnot is on that computer, so it’ll take a long time to transfer that over to this phone).
  4. NiceGamingAdvice might get an upgrade, look-wise and video-wise, in the future (if It continues to get more popular)!
  5. There are polls on NGA, so check them out here!

That’s about it for today, I’ll make sure to at least do one post later this week. Sorry for the irregular scheduling! Spread the word about NiceGamingAdvice by liking, viewing, sharing, re-blogging, etc.! Bye, and have a great day!