Links to Other Websites: Old Projects and Future Goals

The first link is to my YouTube channel, that’s not yet started up. Stay tuned for it to eventually be set up fully, with videos and gaming content!

The second link is to an old account, which I can still use if I want to/ if you want me to, on Scratch, a game editing software. It’s one of the easiest game editors out there, you just need time, patience, and dedication to really hit it big on there. I personally am probably done with the website, but I don’t mind if any of you guys want to check out some of my old projects, random as they are, and enjoy the stupidity they hold!

The third link is to my other blog. It’s really new, and isn’t finished yet, so don’t expect much from it as of now.

The fourth link is a link to my friend, gabenweb,’s YouTube channel.