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Limited Blog Applications pt. 2

It’s time.

Time for more Blog Applications with DamonDaBoss! Here’s a little recap of what happened last time. I sent out the post, people replied via email, commenting, and contacting, and I chose ONLY TWO people to join this blog’s team at that time (a little over a month ago, I believe). There are three of us now, and I announced 20 days ago that there would be more applications going on. Here’s the difference between now and then. I’m willing to let as many people as I want to join NGA for this blog application, which I won’t do often, and I really think that more hard working members on this blog will equal to more revenue and publicity. It’s all about the help me help you system. If any of you want to join this great team, the process is simple. I copied my text from the last application post down below, so just read that to get the gist of things. You don’t even have to have any prior gaming experience, I just want to see eager people who are willing to post, learn, and most of all, have fun!

If any of you are reading this, please go to my contact page to talk to me, for a “blog application.” If any of you have any interest of blogging, but not necessarily full time, just let me know, I’m flexible with your schedules. All I need is for you to briefly describe why you would be a good candidate for writing on this gaming blog, and then I’ll choose the people by the end of the month (So take your time with your responses).


Time is limited, and every person who responds early on will get a more enthusiastic response from me. But, anyone has a chance of being a part of this great team!

If you don’t want to go to the contact page, simply comment down below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, and have a great day!

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Blog Criteria and Guidelines

This is an example of the digital responses to new members of NiceGamingAdvice. People will receive all, if not one, of these posts to help them start their journey as a member of NGA. I hope you find this useful, any of you that are new to the blog’s team, or anyone who wants to be in it in the future.

Email format (what you will receive after being accepted to join the blog, when there is the next blog application):

You have been accepted to be the newest member of NiceGamingAdvice (NGA). Get ready to start posting and making NGA (which you are a part of now) a better blog! I will start you off with a position that allows you to write your own material, and edit it as desired, but which allows me to have the final say in the posting part. Your position on the blog will change as loyalty, dedication, and trust are shown. I will be very tolerable about what you post as long as it follows these simple guidelines: 1. Do not use vulgar, inappropriate, or “cussing” language in any posts. 2. Write about video games, keep the content consistent so that categories can be made about the topics. 3. Do not “hate” on NGA in any way, and show no political, religious, or racial views on any content, or in any comments (or risk losing the rights to the blog). 4. Lastly, use pictures, be entertaining, and try to be active in the blog when possible. There are so many possibilities on what you can do/write about, so be creative, and make it obvious that you enjoy what you do as a member of NiceGamingAdvice. Have a great day, get ready to post, and welcome to the NGA team!


Bloggers on the NGA team should also remember this extra info. Here’s another example message I would send after the first (The messages will vary and usually be more personalized, depending on the individual recipients).
Also, try to post similarly to my style, use my recent CONTENT in posts as examples. Try and use #NiceGamingAdvice as a tag as often as possible, write excerpts in the extra content part of the post, and get feature images (Appropriate to the topic). It’s nice when the posts have images, so use those, and even links, when possible. Thanks again!

If this wasn’t enough information, please contact me personally, or simply comment through a blog post. All of this is meant for new members of NGA, but some of it is for others to see for future use (such as the top part, letting others know when more blog applications will open up).


Last Final, Summer Plans, Slower Posting (For Summertime, and hopefully back to normal when School starts up again)

First things first, THANKS FOR BEING SUCH GREAT FRIENDS/FOLLOWERS/VIEWERS! This blog has been through a lot in it’s making: hate, support, uncertainty, but it’s still been around because of the support that I’ve received from all of you fellow bloggers, friends, and associates. I know I’ve been really absent on WordPress for like 10 days, and this will sadly continue, but here’s why. Also, I’ve been absent thus far because of Finals I’ve been taking in High School, which have been time-consuming and hard.

My Summer Schedule is packed, and you’ll see why.

  • 1 week of a fun youth camp
  • 1 week of choir performances
  • 2 weeks in Utah visiting cousins and relatives
  • Getting a Part time Job
  • and sooooooo much more!

That’s it for this little update, I can’t wait to be back on WordPress actively, but until then, keep being awesome and enjoy Summer!

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Quick Update

Hey everyone, this is DamonDaBoss. Today’s post won’t be about gaming, as my computer is having issues, and I can’t efficiently do a good gaming post. I also have Finals in school, so I need to study for those anyway. But here goes nothing, a little update on what’s going on in NGA!


  1. I might have a company sponsoring NiceGamingAdvice… so that’s pretty cool!
  2. I only have two more weeks of school, counting this one, until Summer. There are days ahead of us!
  3. My computer is having issues, so I’m trying to fix it so I can do a planned post I almost have ready (also all the data and whatnot is on that computer, so it’ll take a long time to transfer that over to this phone).
  4. NiceGamingAdvice might get an upgrade, look-wise and video-wise, in the future (if It continues to get more popular)!
  5. There are polls on NGA, so check them out here!

That’s about it for today, I’ll make sure to at least do one post later this week. Sorry for the irregular scheduling! Spread the word about NiceGamingAdvice by liking, viewing, sharing, re-blogging, etc.! Bye, and have a great day!


One Day Games|2|Fidget Spinner

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Blog Applications have ended… for now! Stay tuned for more opportunities!

But, be sure check out the new polls in the polls section of NGA!

Hello everyone, DamonDaBoss here with another One Day Post on NiceGamingAdvice! Welcome to you newcomers, and especially welcome to you veterans of NGA; you make this blog possible! First things first,  STLCardinalFan2 from Clash for Dummies, and someone I know who chose the username nicgm1ngadv1s, are now part of NiceGamingAdvice! STLCardinalFan2 is a dedicated clash blogger and YouTuber, and he’s going to be a big help to our blog. This post will be a short one, since there isn’t much to say about this game, but here goes nothing!

So this game is pretty much as it sounds, a fidget spinner game. For those of you who don’t know what a fidget spinner is, it’s a little device that looks like this (usually), and all you use ihot-selling-hand-fidget-spinner-toy-with_350x350t for is spinning and balancing on one’s finger, etc. The app takes these mechanics, and tries to give off the “spin effect” by having the user use their finger to slide across the screen 5 times, to see how many spins they can get from the current spinner (in order to get more gold, beat past records, and gain more experience for more spinners). This popular game is but another one of the Ketchapp games I decided to talk about on NGA, the first one was Ballz on the first One Day Games post. Anyway, let’s get into the way you play this game (the advice), and then we can part ways until next time!


First off, this game doesn’t require much skill to play, still, skill is still a thing in the Fidget Spinner app. Here are the important things to remember when playing this game [competitively].

  • Timing: Since this game has spinning, we all know that there has to be an end to the screen696x697spins eventually. Well, there is, and that’s what’s important to remember. A player should never rapidly spin the spinner over and over again, one after another, because there are oscreen696x696nly 5 total spins per “round”, and it would give way less points, money, and XP, back if it spins fast for a bit, then completely dies off. The trick to spinning to get the most loot is to do an initial spin (which is usually the start-up spin, so it’s slower), wait for it to slow until almost stopped, then to do another spin, and so on, because the fact that the spinner hasn’t stopped yet lets it pick up speed after every well done spin, and it let’s the spins slowly drag on, making way more overall. But in order to get the most spins, one needs upgrades for easier money.
  • Upgrades: From greasing the bearings, to simply increasing the speed, upgrades screen696x699help the spinner move faster. This subject is simple. Once one gets enough gold they can A) grease the bearings for an extended amount of time the spinner moves after slowing down (so it drags on more, or B) increase the speed of the spinner relating to every swipe done. Another “upgrade” can be given when the player’s level upgrades, and then they can click the blue button to unlock a new fidget spinner at random. All these upgrades allow the player to have cooler, faster, and longer-lasting fidget spinners at their disposal. But in order to have good timing, upgrades, and money, one must enjoy playing the game.
  • Fun:screen696x697 This game is honestly addicting, but not too much so. I have friends who play it all the time, but I personally think it’s a good game to play when there’s no internet or wifi, and it’s fun to play when you have nothing better to do. Still though, along with muscle memory from playing the game a lot, and even spending actual money on the game to get upgrades faster, and no ads (which I don’t suggest doing), in order to really have that full fidget spinner experience, one must play well, use their extra gold on the desired upgrades of choice, and everyone should simply have fun when playing this app, and all the apps YOU love! List your favorite apps in the comment section below, I would love to hear about, and respond to, them!

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it, because I enjoyed learning more about this fun app that I now play as a level 20. If you enjoyed it though, please like, re-blog, comment, press, and share this blog/post for better content! As always, have a great day, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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Featured Image – Ketchapp

Image #1 – Bing link

Images #2-5 – Apple Store


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Clash of Clans: The Biggest Update, and a Clash Expert

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Be sure to check out the ongoing Blog Applications before they end at the end of this month!

Also, be sure check out the new polls in the polls section of NGA!

This post will be short, but there is much more that could be written about the new Clash of Clans update. Because, as many of you CoC players know, Clash of Clans is back!

Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! This post will be the first post that I’ve done, where the content inside it isn’t actually mine, besides the writing I do. (meaning the words, as I do use other people’s images, sites, etc. in my posts. But yes, I always give them credit for their work). As many of you know, and as shown above, I have been putting out blog applications for NGA in all my recent posts since early May. One of the bloggers who is joining the team, and who is not only an expert in all things Clash [of clans, and Clash Royal], but who is a great guy as I’ve gotten to know him better, is STLCardinalFan2. This very blogger is active both on his blog, and his youtube channel, and now he’s going to be a common sight on NGA, so knowing this made me pretty excited to have him on NGA’s team. Now, the reason I bring him up is because the majority of the content of this short post will be from his blog’s two recent posts on this update. There are only summaries of the posts on here, so feel free to check his blog out, follow it, and get quality Clash content regularly. With all that aside, let’s get into the “post.”

Complete Update List for Builder Base Update Here’s his first post talking about the Builder’s Base update in Clash of Clans. This one was a general run-through of the whole update, so definitely check it out to know more of the general facts of the new land, new troops, and new way to play CoC. I didn’t add this as one of the mini-excerpts because the other two posts he did afterward it fit this post best.

Here is the first excerpt from his advice (I know, he’s totally already doing what NiceGamingAdvice does!), and I hope it proves useful to all you who are curious about the new update that revived the Clash of Clans popularity (The picture for this one is the featured image).

Builder’s base is here in from the Clash of Clans May update and you will need to know how to start your new builder’s base as well as defend the home village. Here’s an introduction to builder’s base as well as some strategy on how to attack within builder’s base. So here’s a video I […] Keep reading by clicking the link below.

via Builder’s Base Intro and Strategy – Clash of Clans May Update — Clash for Dummies

Here is the second excerpt of STLCardinalFan2‘s post about base design tips and layouts for certain leveled bases. This post, along with all his other Builder’s Base posts, was a great read, and it was very helpful to me, and probably to many other Clashers out there who restarted their Clash of Clans accounts for this update (I’m a level 90 in Crysal League. I finally got my minions up to level 4 and my Barbarians King is level 10, my Archer Queen is level 5, and… You get the idea, I like the game again). I just want to say that if you once played Clash of Clans, and thought about starting it up again; do it now! What better time to get back in the game than when you can be, like everyone else, new to the game, with a chance to become one of the best in later days.

Just like in the home village, base design and base layouts are key to success in versus battles for Clash of Clans! Here are some great base design tips, as well as some of the best builder’s base layouts to win in builder’s base in Clash of Clans! Base Design Tips for Builder’s Base Now […] Keep reading by clicking the link below.

via Clash of Clans Builder’s Base: Base Design Tips and Layouts — Clash for Dummies

This post was really about letting you all know that I have a strong Clash of Clans blogger on NGA now, who I know I can count on, so expect some on and off content for games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and whatever else he wants to post about on NGA! Thank you STLCardinalFan2! There are others on this blog’s team that will be mentioned in the future.

I hope you liked this post, as it was fun for me to make, and I hope you enjoyed the Clash for Dummies content by checking out STLCardinalFan2’s blog through the links given. As always, have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to like, follow, re-blog, comment, and share this blog for better content, more content focused towards what you want, and more posting in general!

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All other Images – STLCardinalFan2, Clash for Dummies

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Cho’Gall |Legs|Heroes of the Storm

Here’s another post by gabenweb!

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena game filled with an all-star cast of heroes from Blizzard’s Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Starcraft universes. Cho’Gall is a two-player warrior/ranged assassin hero from the Warcraft universe. Each head is controlled by 1 play with their own set of abilities and talents. Cho is the warrior class, controlling the movement of the brothers. Gall is the ranged assassin, dealing most of the damage and sweeping up any fleeing enemies Cho misses. This two-headed hero requires lots of communication and teamwork between the brothers. If executed poorly, your team will be down two players, swaying the tides of the battle.

It is preferred to have the better player with higher game sense, a higher understanding of both of your surroundings and how to execute correctly in most of your situations, to be playing Cho since he controls the movement and where the brothers go together. I am usually the one who plays Cho since I am most comfortable and have more knowledge to playing the warrior class and tanking for the team. Gall can be played by anyone who has knowledge on playing ranged assassins like Jaina and Valla.


Featured Image:

Image #1:



The Versatile Blogger Award|DamonDaBoss

First things first, check out this post to learn more about the NGA Blog Application going on right now! 

Limited Blog Applications pt. 2

I was nominated…twice

Hello everyone, this is DamonDaBoss, here with another post about gaming! a post about something besides gaming! Now introducing the random fun category to NGA with this post, which is the main focus of my second blog (which I will post on eventually) Random Life Experiences . Anyway, whoever you are, I’m glad you’re here, and welcome to a blog that’s mainly about gaming, sometimes about other things, and mostly about fun! Here goes nothing, let’s get right into the post!

First off, here are the rules. Also, thanks to OY30 and the_great_awesome  for nominating me! Go check their blogs out by clicking the links!

The Rules:

  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind) Done!
  •  Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given) Easy!
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least) No sweat!
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful). Now here’s the interesting part.

The 15 lucky nominees (Go ahead and count, and sorry if you’ve already been nominated)

Seven 100% real facts about my life:

  1. I like video games, and I play on the PS4, my phone, the X-Box 360, sometimes on my Nintendo 2DS, and on the PC!
  2. I have a lot of cousins, (over 50 to be exact) none of them are over 23, and I know all of them by name!
  3. There are six kids in my family, and I’m the middle child, along with my three other siblings who are the same age as me (That’s right, I’m a quadruplet)!
  4. I have a pet Leopard Gecko named Speckles. He has outlived his expected life by over 3 years.
  5. I’m an Eagle Scout of the Boy Scouts of America since I was 13, I have over 60 Merit Badges, and I have three, soon to be four, Eagle Palms.
  6. I take all the advanced classes at my school, yet I also do Advanced Choir and JV Track. That’s right, I’m not a complete nerd.
  7. I’ve won a scholarship award from the Elks Lodge organization, and I’ve won other prestigious and important writing awards.

I hope my facts aren’t completely boring, as they’re quite different to my regular gaming commentaries.

That’s it for today’s second post! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, why don’t you comment, like, re-blog, press, and share this blog to help our team out! Also, comment down below about your favorite facts about you, and/or your friends and family! As always, have a good day, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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[14] Clash Royale: Double Elixir Draft Challenge

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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice; a blog predominantly about mobile gaming, advice for the games, and updates on how I, DamonDaBoss, am doing in these games! This is the best blog out there for gaming advice, on more than just one game, (Maybe I’m a little biased, be you all know it’s true) and here we like to have fun while we try to help you! Anyway, as you could’ve guessed by the title of this post, today will be about the Double Elixir Draft Challenge in Clash Royale. I was able to win 12 battles in it (but I almost always lose two around my 9th battle, so I always am cautious later on), so I want to give you a little advice and facts about this challenge to better prepare you for it (You never know when it might come back)!

For starters, this challenge will be going on from May 12 – May 15, so if you’re reading this during this time and you somehow didn’t know about it, go battle right after finishing this post! But, if you’re reading this post after these dates, don’t worry, it will most definitely be coming back in the future.

Alright, enough about the times, let’s move onto the actual content you came here for! Oh, and on a side note, I’m entering Clash Royale’s biggest tournament ever to see if I can win some big prizes! I doubt I’ll get too far, but The Crown Championship will be an amazing tournament to watch and participate in nonetheless. Here’s a little schedule about it just in case any of you wanted to learn more. This image, and more information on the special tournament, is/are in the above link! Lastly, this is the actual link I used to apply for the championship tournament.



Now here are my chest’s images. I received more gold that I ever could imagine from a free challenge (First try is free, second and so on are worth 100 gems. So, be smart with your spending; make sure it’s worth it! I personally wouldn’t do it again even after winning 12 times, because the reward from the chest itself is only half that of a normal grand challenge (on your second attempt after 12 wins, because all the gold would be taken), yet they’re the same price. I was really happy with the turnout of the challenge, not only because I got 12 wins, but because I went from around 4,000 gold to over 130,000 in just one day. Now off to the advice/tips and tricks that I have to offer.

For me these are the rules, the 3 chooses, I followed by:

  1. Choose cards that, even if you aren’t amazing at using them, you wouldn’t want to have used against you. Personally, I always chose cards such as: The Executioner, Barbarian Hut, Royal Giant, Heal Spell, Balloon, Hog Rider, Inferno Dragon, Sparky, and the Goblin Barrel and Goblin Gang, etc. because I knew they caused me trouble in previous battles, and I know they can be very useful in Challenges because the enemy doesn’t always have a good response to cards like these.
  2. Choose cards that you are good at playing with. If you’re in a challenge and you don’t know what all the cards you’ll get are, choose cards that you know you’re good with. For example, I really like the lava hound, and even if the rest of my deck doesn’t fully go well with the lava hound, I find a way around that in order to get the desired result by the end of the battle (a win).
  3. Choose cards that can respond to/counter the cards you gave to your opponent. One of the most annoying things I’ve done in draft challenges is when I accidentally chose a wrong card, without thinking, which can result in me having no response to a certain card I gave my opponent. An example of choosing the wrong card would be like if you gave the enemy a minion horde, because you wanted the other card in your deck, but then you later have a card like arrows, wizard, fire spirits, fireball, zap, or an executioner pop up, but you choose the bowler or lightning instead and you know you messed up. I mean, there’s always that chance that your opponent gave you one of those cards to counter their minion horde, unintentionally, but never rely on what they might give you; rely on what you’re taking from, and giving, them, so you can respond and form counter pushes and positive elixir trade offs.

When I battled in this challenge, I often didn’t form a massive push in the start, but I usually put a support card in the back, and then responded to what they placed using my double elixir advantage (that they had also) to counter their moves using the least amount of troops as possible.

Tell me your strategies you use in challenges, the rules you follow by, and more in the comment section of this post! As always, don’t forget to like, follow, re-blog, and share NiceGamingAdvice for better content, more content, and posts that YOU want to see! Have a nice day, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do :), (By all means do whatever you want, it’s your life anyway) and I’ll see you in the next post! Clash on!

Additional Images of the challenge, and its first time rewards:

Sites/Sources used for the content (pictures)

Featured Image – My camera roll (Screenshots for all of the images by me)

Images 1, 5, and 6 – Clash Royale

Image 2 – Clash Royale

Image 3 – My camera roll

Image 4 – My camera roll


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ABCFoes | Yugioh

Greetings viewer of this triple R post, I decided to learn how to integrate pendulums into one of my decks. This deck uses the meta of both ABCs and Metalfoes. The deck revolves around getting ABC Dragon Buster onto the field along with Metalfoes Fusion Monsters to support.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Main Deck


3 Metalfoes Volflame – level 7 used for rank 7 plays, has pendulum scale 8, used for Metalfoes Fusion, searches for Metalfoes fusion

3 Metalfoes Goldriver – level 4 used for rank 4 plays, has pendulum scale 1,used for Metalfoes Fusion, searches for Metalfoes fusion

2 Metalfoes Silverd – level 3 with pendulum scale 1,used for Metalfoes Fusion, searches for Metalfoes fusion

3 A-Assault Core – used to fusion summon ABC Dragon Buster and for rank 4 plays, can add 1 other Union monster from the graveyard to the hand

Luster Pendulum, The Dracoslayer – used to synchro summon Ignister Prominence

3 B-Buster Drake – used to fusion summon ABC Dragon Buster and for rank 4 plays, can search 1 Union monster from the deck into the hand

3 C-Crush Wyvern – used to fusion summon ABC Dragon Buster and for rank 4 plays, can special summon 1 Union monster from the hand

Rescue Rabbit – banish to special summon 2 level 4 or lower normal monsters (Goldriver)

2 Raremetalfoes Bismagia – pendulum scale 8, can search 1 Metalfoes monster from the deck when destroyed, used for Metalfoes Fusion, searches for Metalfoes fusion


2 Painful Decision – send 1 level 4 or lower normal monster from the deck to the graveyard and add 1 card with the same name to the hand

Raigeki – destroy all monsters on the opponent’s side

Metalfoes Fusion – fusion summon 1 Metalfoes fusion monster from the extra deck using monsters from the hand or field, can shuffle back into the deck to enable 1 card draw

3 Terraforming – search 1 field spell in the deck to the hand

Fullmetalfoes Fusion – metalfoes fusion but a quickplay and without the recyclability

2 Twin Twisters – discard 1 card (ABC) to pop 2 backrow

3 Union Hangar – big playmaker to get out the ABCs


3 Metalfoes Counter – special summon 1 Metafoes monster from the deck when a card you have is destroyed, can be banished to add 1 face-up Metalfoes pendulum monster from the extra deck to the hand

2 Solemn Strike – pay 1500 LP, negate a special summon or monster effect

1 Solemn Warning – pay 2000 LP, negate a summon or activation of a spell/trap/monster

Extra Deck


3 ABC Dragon Buster – Boss monster of the deck, can banish 1 card on the field by 1 discard in the hand (ABC monster)

2 Metalfoes Orichalc – any Metalfoes can inflict double piercing damage to DEF monsters

Metalfoes Mythriel – returns 1 card on the field to the hand along with 2 Metalfoes cards in your graveyard to the deck, when sent to the graveyard: can special summon 1 Metalfoes Pendulum monster from the graveyard or face-up from the extra deck

Fullmetalfoes Alkahest – once per turn during the opponent’s turn: target 1 effect monster on the field; equip it this card, allowing this to gain DEF equal to the combined original ATK of the monsters equipped to this card as fusion materials for the fusion summon of a Metalfoes Fusion monster that lists them as materials


Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer – once per turn, target 1 pendulum monster on the field or 1 card in the pendulum zone, destroy them, and shuffle 1 card on the field into the deck


2 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon – can be pendulum summoned through level 7

Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon – can negate any monster’s attack by detaching 1 Xyz material, then special summon 1 “Odd-Eyes” monster from the hand or graveyard. If sent the graveyard and is Xyz summoned, special summon 1 “Odd-Eyes” monster from the extra deck except “Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon”

Number 11: Big Eye – steal 1 monster from the opponent by detaching 1 Xyz material

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon – steal ATK, gain it through detaching 2 Xyz material

Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer – detach 1 Xyz material to change 1 face-up monster on the field to face-down DEF position or detach 2 Xyz material to shuffle 1 face-up card on the field to the deck

Abyss Dweller – detach 1 Xyz material during either player’s turn to negate any of the opponent’s graveyard card effects

Boom, done, judge me.