My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

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Hello everyone, and welcome to a new topic on NiceGamingAdvice! This will be a very short post, as today is a busy day for me. But, like I always do, I will still hold true to trying to post around once/or even twice a week. Now onto the topic!

Have any of you ever seen an ad or commercial for a game that seems quite weird, a singing monster game perhaps? Well, I for one have seen ads for this game TONS OF TIMES on multiple platforms and games. This is the sequel game to the famous My Singing Monsters, but I prefer this one much more.

Like many games, I was more crazy about this game earlier on, but now it’s still fun, but not as much of a focus to me. This is the type of game where there’s nothing competitive about it in the lower levels, and even in the higher levels the only competitive thing is trying to get your islands full of monsters on the top charts. Now enough about that, let’s get into what this game REALLY is, in a short and sweet format (It’s not that short… Okay, it’s not short at all!).

In this game, there are only a few things you really need to remember.

  1. Breed for Monsters
  2. Feed the Monsters
  3. Evolve the Monsters

Seems simple right? Wrong. First off, I’ll start with the breeding part. Similarly to other games such as DragonVale, Dragon City, Monster Legends, and SOO many more mobile games, this game lets the player breed two creatures, to hopefully create a new one. Element types such as fire, water, rock, ice, or leaf (grass?) effect the types of monsters that will be created, and everyone who plays this game starts off with the basic element types listed above. But then there’s monsters with many types. The more elements they have the, the harder they are to breed. There’s the classic 1 elemental, the 2 elements, then the harder to get 3 elements, the 4 elements, and even a 5 element monster! Some monsters merely can’t be bred, but must be earned over daily check ins throughout the month. At one point, it took me 27 times to breed a certain 3 element monster I really wanted, and that was annoying. Now, let’s move on!

To feed monsters, you need multiple machines to create certain items, which you then can mix together to make better food items, which can be combined to make even better food items, and so on. The process is simple, but time consuming. Have fun making the Ice Cream Cones! Now, to the last main idea of this game.

To evolve the monsters, it’s really quite simple, besides the steps that lead up to it. First, you gotta get the monster. Then, feed it up to level 5, 10, 15, or 20 to move it to the desired island (Once at that island it can’t be moved back or ahead), where it will then learn a new song using its unique singing attributes. That’s really all there is to it, now get started, and here those monster sing!

Here are a few images of monsters in the game, varying with types, evolutions, and (obviously) looks. I hope you enjoyed the topic! (Scroll over the images for the names)

PS: the second one’s full name is Toe Jammer.

PPS: These are all the evolved forms of the monsters shown.

As always, have a great day everyone, and please tell your friends, family, and associates about this blog to keep it running! I am so grateful for all the likes, re-blogs, and comments! Keep it up :)! – DamonDaBoss

To learn more, go to the creators of the game, BigBlueBubble, on their website about it here.

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