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Hello everyone, DamonDaBoss here with another One Day Post on NiceGamingAdvice! Welcome to you newcomers, and especially welcome to you veterans of NGA; you make this blog possible! First things first,  STLCardinalFan2 from Clash for Dummies, and someone I know who chose the username nicgm1ngadv1s, are now part of NiceGamingAdvice! STLCardinalFan2 is a dedicated clash blogger and YouTuber, and he’s going to be a big help to our blog. This post will be a short one, since there isn’t much to say about this game, but here goes nothing!

So this game is pretty much as it sounds, a fidget spinner game. For those of you who don’t know what a fidget spinner is, it’s a little device that looks like this (usually), and all you use ihot-selling-hand-fidget-spinner-toy-with_350x350t for is spinning and balancing on one’s finger, etc. The app takes these mechanics, and tries to give off the “spin effect” by having the user use their finger to slide across the screen 5 times, to see how many spins they can get from the current spinner (in order to get more gold, beat past records, and gain more experience for more spinners). This popular game is but another one of the Ketchapp games I decided to talk about on NGA, the first one was Ballz on the first One Day Games post. Anyway, let’s get into the way you play this game (the advice), and then we can part ways until next time!


First off, this game doesn’t require much skill to play, still, skill is still a thing in the Fidget Spinner app. Here are the important things to remember when playing this game [competitively].

  • Timing: Since this game has spinning, we all know that there has to be an end to the screen696x697spins eventually. Well, there is, and that’s what’s important to remember. A player should never rapidly spin the spinner over and over again, one after another, because there are oscreen696x696nly 5 total spins per “round”, and it would give way less points, money, and XP, back if it spins fast for a bit, then completely dies off. The trick to spinning to get the most loot is to do an initial spin (which is usually the start-up spin, so it’s slower), wait for it to slow until almost stopped, then to do another spin, and so on, because the fact that the spinner hasn’t stopped yet lets it pick up speed after every well done spin, and it let’s the spins slowly drag on, making way more overall. But in order to get the most spins, one needs upgrades for easier money.
  • Upgrades: From greasing the bearings, to simply increasing the speed, upgrades screen696x699help the spinner move faster. This subject is simple. Once one gets enough gold they can A) grease the bearings for an extended amount of time the spinner moves after slowing down (so it drags on more, or B) increase the speed of the spinner relating to every swipe done. Another “upgrade” can be given when the player’s level upgrades, and then they can click the blue button to unlock a new fidget spinner at random. All these upgrades allow the player to have cooler, faster, and longer-lasting fidget spinners at their disposal. But in order to have good timing, upgrades, and money, one must enjoy playing the game.
  • Fun:screen696x697 This game is honestly addicting, but not too much so. I have friends who play it all the time, but I personally think it’s a good game to play when there’s no internet or wifi, and it’s fun to play when you have nothing better to do. Still though, along with muscle memory from playing the game a lot, and even spending actual money on the game to get upgrades faster, and no ads (which I don’t suggest doing), in order to really have that full fidget spinner experience, one must play well, use their extra gold on the desired upgrades of choice, and everyone should simply have fun when playing this app, and all the apps YOU love! List your favorite apps in the comment section below, I would love to hear about, and respond to, them!

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it, because I enjoyed learning more about this fun app that I now play as a level 20. If you enjoyed it though, please like, re-blog, comment, press, and share this blog/post for better content! As always, have a great day, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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|1|First Post of One Day Games with DamonDaBoss!

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Hello everyone and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Today we will be embarking on a new category in NiceGamingAdvice, the One Day Games category! This will be all about small games that become popular for a little time, and about how to play them in order to fit in with everyone else playing these popular games!

Today’s post will be about Ballz, a Ketchapp game. This game has swept the app store and has gained thousands upon thousands of downloads recently, due to its fast paced and easy way to play. But after getting farther in the levels, the game becomes much harder. Strategy is then needed, and that’s where NGA comes in!

In order to play, one must drag the ball in the position desired and release for the balls to go to that location, to either break the block, or bounce off of it until it’s broken. Every time the balls are released and finish their cycle of hitting the squares, the next “wave” starts and more squares are pushed down to the lighter grey line. If these squares reach the light grey line, they make the game end, and the player must restart to either gain more gold hoops (which are acquired by hitting the gold hoops in between the squares) to use in the store, or to reach a new personal best high score. When someone plays this game though, there is much more to know than to drag the balls (which more are acquired through hitting the white floating balls) at a single square and release. Here are a few quick strategy tips on what to do in this game, in order to beat all your friends!

Tip #1: Use the walls the to rebound the balls in order to hit as many squares as possible! The more contact that’s made with the different squares, the more value each ball will have.

Tip #2: Always aim for the squares closest to the ground unless there are weaker squares that can lead to desired gold hoops or even more balls. Strategy is needed for this game, and not always is it best to simple ram the 6 block (shown in the picture to the right of this test).

Tip #3: Have fun with the game, don’t always play to win, but play to enjoy this app. The best score can be fun to see by a player, but sometimes aiming for the hoops and taking a few risks can be more rewarding than simply playing to see how many squares you can destroy.

That’s it for today’s post about Ballz, and this is the first of many One Day Games with DamonDaBoss. I hope you all enjoyed your Spring Breaks as much as I did (especially if you actually have them :p) even if they were a few weeks ago, or if they will happen in a few weeks.

As always, have a great day and enjoy life! Also, don’t forget to follow, comment, or re-post this blog for more updates, content, and material for your own personal consumption. Share NiceGamingAdvice on any social medias for possible spots on the NGA time, and even for shoutouts for your blog like others below!

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