Plants versus Zombies Heroes: Thanksgiving Spending Spree, and special card offers!


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Today is a duel blog post session, I will be posting a blog post about PvZ Heroes, and about Clash Royale. I’m doing this for all of you, and for no other reason! Now to the post!

Down below this writing are a few things that happened to me in Plants versus Zombies Heroes that are new, since the last post on this subject was a while ago.

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As usual, I found a good deal for something I wanted in one of my games, and it so happened to be PvZ Heroes for this offer. The deal was great, it guaranteed an amazing legendary card called Cornucopia (Thanksgiving Legendary) and a ton of amazing super rares, rares, and even some good uncommons. If you want to learn more about what these kinds of cards mean, just go check out this website  owned by the creators of the game, Popcap, that talks more about this game.

What I really wanted to say is, when the holidays come around, go check out your favorite mobile games, as they will probably have some kind of money offer going on. That’s the advice for today, although most of it was just information about what I got from the pack(s).

Here are some pictures (slideshow format) about the Thanksgiving multipack offer, and the multipack buying.

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Lastly, I just wanted to show you guys a glitch I found that happens to the cards placed. These pictures all show blow up versions, also known as larger versions, of what the cards are supposed to look like when played, I thought this was kind of funny, so I thought it would be appropriate to add in this post. (Take a close look at the yeti zombies to get the best idea of what the glitch does).


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PvZ Heroes Meets Halloween

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Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Today is a special post, since today is the day after Halloween. I hope you enjoyed the holiday yesterday, and I hope none of you had any clown problems! Today’s post will be short and sweet (like candy), simply telling you guys about my past Halloween PvZ Heroes experience, as the event has finally ended.

During this event I was able to buy a $5.00 pack from the last funds of my I tunes card, and I got two other Halloween packs from earning gems in-game.

These card packs were literally amazing, and my progress in the game has grown tremendously as I’ve used these special cards (mainly as a zombie hero).

Here are the packs, and some other things I took pictures of in the last few days relating to the game. Some of my amazing victories are shown as well, enjoy!

Special $5.00 Halloween pack: (sorry, I actually didn’t take a picture of this pack. I will show what I got out of it later though, in another post about this game. So stay tuned!).

Normal Halloween packs:

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Plants vs Zombies Heroes: The Lawn of a New Battle

Hello everyone, and welcome to another post by damondaboss on NiceGamingAdvice (NGA). For those of you who are returners, thank you for supporting this newly forming blog, and for those of you who are new to NGA, thank you for being here.

This post will be about the new game called Plants versus Zombies Heroes, as shown in the picture and caption above. For those of you who haven’t checked out my post(s) about Plants versus Zombies, you can simply view them here ,and here, to learn more about the creators of this game, and many other successful mobile, and console, games.

But enough about that, and more about the game itself. This game is unlike Plants versus Zombies 1 and 2, in the fact that it has a multiplayer option, that ACTUALLY matters in the game (PvZ can do multiplayer on certain consoles like the Ninendo DS and a computer, but it doesn’t actually change anything about your progress in the game). This game is because it’s turn bplants-vs-zombies-heroes-iphone-screenshot-002ased, with one player on each side (one as a zombie, and one as a plant. Choose your side in multiplayer), and it has just enough of the aspects of the older games to keep old players interested, but it’s new enough to gain new players and gamers. In the image to the left of this text, the first part of the picture is showing a battle between plant Green Shadow, and zombie Super Brains. Each hero, as they’re called, has their own cards and abilities, letting players test out many new strategies and new ways to play the game. Now for some quick advice and answers to three common questions.

Question 1: Why are the zombies so much better than the plants?

Answer: This is just an opinion, I’ve used a plant deck for five battles in a row and I didn’t lose, it’s all about having a good deck. Therefore, plants are just harder to use in the beginning of the game than zombies.

Question 2: Can a player use plants in a zombie deck, or zombies in a plant deck?

Answer: The answer is no. There can only be plant cards used in a plant deck, and the same goes for zombies. But, I think it would be a great addition to the game if cards could be in any deck.

Question 3: Who are better, the plants or the zombies?

Answer: Personally, I prefer zombies because they get two turns per battle, while plants only have one. But supporting the plants, they usually have stronger troops, so that’s why they only have one turn per round.

If you want to see other common questions, go to this page where other players around the world give questions, answers, and advice (Hey! That sounds familiar…).

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