[9] The New Jungle Arena in Clash Royale! Also, introducing the Dart Goblin, Battering Ram, Executioner, and the Goblin Gang!

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Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice, where you can find quality content about mobile games, and more specifically for today, Clash Royale. For those of you who are new, welcome, and for those of you who are NGA Veterans, thanks for all the support! Today’s post will be on a major update in Clash Royale, which was truly unexpected to all of its players.

The update was simply, a new arena, and four new cards. The new cards are as listed, three of them (the Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, and The Executioner) are in the new arena, coming in the next upcoming weeks, and one of them is an addition to the Builder’s Workshop arena, the new Battering Ram card.

  1. Dart Goblin (released on the day of the jungle arena’s release) – Health of an archer, speed (and hit speed) of a lumberjack, and green like a goblin. Sounds weird? That’s because it is.
  2. Goblin Gang – 3 “stab” goblins, 3 spear goblins, and a whole lot of trouble. Enough said.
  3.  [The] Executioner – What can’t he hit? He’s a walking minion horde be-gone, and he also knows how to exterminate those pesky weak troops like goblins, skeletons, fire spirits, (borderline weak troop health: ice spirits and archers), and much more. They probably should’ve just called him “The Exterminator.”
  4. Battering Ram – Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone removed the spikes off the log, and then gave the wood to a pair of barbarians? The brutes would probably just charge a tower with the log. Wait, that’s actually what the Battering Ram does! Fast and dangerous at 2x speed (similar to a prince’s charge) the Battering Ram will prove to be versatile in many a battle. Like seriously, that’s actually a real thing. Like 100% legit. What in the world was Supercell thinking?

The arena itself also has many cool attributes. These too will be listed, and pictures for all the images will be provided down below.

The Jungle Arena

  • At double elixir time it has lighting flash, and rain fall down.
  • New animations bring the arena to life!

For more information on this new arena, and the new cards to be released, take a look at Supercell’s page on this update, which will be below the images.

Images (Epics on Sunday, New Cards, Clan Chest, and New Challenges):

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Supercell – talking about the Jungle Arena

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[7] Clash Royale: Overview of the King’s Cup

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Welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! I’m damondaboss, and YOU are what keeps this blog running! I’m glad you came by today, old or new, it doesn’t matter, just remember to check out my other posts before you go!

Today’s post is about the King’s Cup Event that recently passed in Clash Royale, even the Double Elixir Challenge passed, so I’m a little behind on talking about it! But, here goes nothing, because I’m going to briefly explain what the decks in the challenge were, and how to use them. I also want you to know that these strategies may come in handy later, as an event that’s similar to this might come around.

Pictures of the event, and some of my battle successes. By the way, I didn’t take a picture of it, but I was able to pull off 10 wins in the challenge on my last try before it ended.


In the King’s Cup, there was a good variety of decks the player was given, but I only took photos of the ones I could (which are most, or all, of them anyway). This post will simply be me telling how to best use each of the decks, the four, that I took photos of.

Personally, I really enjoyed having fresh decks every round, and I think the King’s Cup was a great way for Clash Royale players to branch out from their comfort zones and use cards they wouldn’t normally use.

The decks are…

  • Dark Lightning – The best way, I found, to use this deck was to swarm the enemy with cheap troops, and then placing the lumberjack and dark prince in front of these troops to act as tanks to the powerful, but weak, troops behind them.
  • The Frozen Hog – The entire purpose of the deck was to slow down the enemy so that the hog rider could get some hits off the tower, the poison and ice wizard were great used with the hog rider, and the ice spell was the best card to use against the tower (and troops on top, or near, it) in order for the hog rider to get serious damage on the crown or King’s towers.
  • The Raging Balloon (Favorite by far!) – This deck is simple, distract the enemy with the witch and Valkyrie, and use the archers, ice spirit, and rage spell with the balloon, which can easily take a tower in 10 seconds. The balloon while raged, was practically unstoppable when it reached the tower.
  • X-Bowler – The trick to this deck is to put the X-Bow behind the big and tanky bowler, and to support the bow from behind with the princess to deal with aerial attacks.


And that’s really it for this blog post, tell me how you felt about it either from comments, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email. As always, have a good day and, Clash On!

[6] Clash Royale: Spending Some Cash on my favorite app! What will I get from the King’s Cup chest and gem offers?

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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Here you will find quality posts about mobile games, and my experiences with them. This is DamonDaBoss with another money spending post. Today’s post will be on Clash Royale, and the brand new King’s Cup event! (It will have already been over when I post this).

This post will just be showing you what I got from three special chest offers in the King’s Cup. Besides that, this post will be short and sweet.

Below are pictures of the offers, and what I got out of the chests. Make sure to take a look at my money and gems after the spending as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Clash of Clans: Finally Town Hall level 9!

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Before Town hall 9


Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog! Here you will find quality blog posts that talk about my mobile gaming experiences, and also advice on games. For those of you who are new, welcome, and for those of you who are old followers of this blog, I’m so glad you are here! Today’s post will be about Clash of Clans, and the upgrading of my town hall. (If you don’t know what a town hall is, click here to check out Supercell’s  (the game creator) COC webpage).

It’s been over a year since I’ve had a town hall level 8, and I have finally upgraded to a level 9 TH on my Clash of Clans account. This is a huge step in Clash of Clans, since most people don’t upgrade their town halls for a while (in order to “max out” everything else they have in preparation for the new step in upgrades).

I guess I can say that I wasn’t quite ready for this new jump, since all my stuff, mainly my walls, weren’t fully upgraded, and now I’m up against way better players than myself in wars and normal battles (since they are usually th9’s with maxed out th8 stuff). But I am still happy for the change, as it has brought me back to the game that I once was a huge fan of. Also, my trophy levels are low, so at least I battle players that aren’t trophy pushing, or in other words, the best players.

Start of Town hall 9

The takeaway from this post:

  1. Don’t rush your town hall, it usually makes things harder on yourself.
  2.  Refrain from trophy pushing early on in your next town hall level, keep it easy and low for easier and more effective gameplay.
  3. If you become bored of the game, or feel like it’s not fun anymore, upgrade your town hall and make it fun again!

Also, on a side note, I now have 5 builders huts, the most you can have in the game, so that’s pretty cool (as they are a TON of gems, and gems take a while to get).

As always, I hope you found this post interesting, and if you did, please like, comment, and follow this blog for further updates. Have a nice day, and Clash on!

[3] Old Clash Royale Decks and the “Randomly Generated Old Deck Challenge”

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog about gaming! If you’re new here, please go check out the other content that’s been added recently, and if you’re old here, enjoy this new post! Also, if you want some expert advice on Clash Royale, go check out Eclihpse on his youtube channel, he’s my favorite clash royale youtuber and he’s great at the game.

Today we will be focusing on my randomly generated old decks that I used to use, and I’m going to use them in later game play to see if I can pull off a win with them. The above pictures are just pictures of my old clan, and the best players that were in it (the pictures are just here for background info on when I used these old decks). If you have any interest in making your own random deck (based on your arena), then just go to the random deck generator site.

img_0068Deck #1

Now, all these decks have certain similarities, but the few changes that are apparent in these card decks affect the game experience greatly. This deck was made by me to just mess with other player, and though it isn’t the ideal deck for aggressive pushing (offensive attacking), it still can be a fun deck to use. Also, the balloon could work pretty well behind the baby dragon, as the baby dragon would get rid of enemy groups, and tank for the powerful balloon. The cards displayed are, in this order: goblin barrel, minions, x-bow, spear goblins, rage spell, balloon, baby dragon, and the witch.

img_0069Deck #2

This deck is great for taking out large groups of enemies, as the barbarians and the giant skeleton usually work well with crowd control. But, there is a major flaw in this deck, and the first, since there are no offensive spells (the rage spell only helps boost other cards). The other upside to this deck is that it’s cheap compared to many decks, and the goblin barrel can be cycled to quickly (which is good because, it does a ton of damage when the tower is distracted by the giant). That’s really all that’s to this deck besides the fact that it also has relatively good air defense. The cards displayed are, in this order: goblin barrel, minions, giant skeleton, spear goblins, rage spell, giant, barbarians, and skeletons.

img_0070Deck #3

Now this is a fun deck to use! The giant and witch combo usually works pretty well (when the witch is protected from behind), and the lightning spell is great for taking out up to three large enemy units. Though expensive, the lightning spell is good at stopping enemy pushes, especially in the early parts of the game. This deck is probably the most usable of the three random “old decks”, and I wouldn’t have too many problems when using it in arena 8 (since the lightning spell has had a recent “buff”, or upgrade, and my witch is a high level for an epic card). The cards displayed are, in this order: goblin barrel, minions, giant skeleton, spear goblins, lightning spell, giant, witch, and skeletons.

If you want some game play of someone using a random deck, go check out this video in order to see a professional work with a usually not ordinary deck. Have a great day and Clash On!