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Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena game filled with an all-star cast of heroes from Blizzard’s Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Starcraft universes. Cho’Gall is a two-player warrior/ranged assassin hero from the Warcraft universe. Each head is controlled by 1 play with their own set of abilities and talents. Cho is the warrior class, controlling the movement of the brothers. Gall is the ranged assassin, dealing most of the damage and sweeping up any fleeing enemies Cho misses. This two-headed hero requires lots of communication and teamwork between the brothers. If executed poorly, your team will be down two players, swaying the tides of the battle.

It is preferred to have the better player with higher game sense, a higher understanding of both of your surroundings and how to execute correctly in most of your situations, to be playing Cho since he controls the movement and where the brothers go together. I am usually the one who plays Cho since I am most comfortable and have more knowledge to playing the warrior class and tanking for the team. Gall can be played by anyone who has knowledge on playing ranged assassins like Jaina and Valla.


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Boom Beach: Heroes

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Hello everyone, and welcome to NiceGamingAdvice! Here at NGA, you will find overviews of games (based on personal experiences in them), plenty of advice to go along with them, and just a whole lot of [mobile] gaming subjects! I’m DamonDaBoss, and this week’s post will be about, you guessed it, Boom Beach!

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Besides the two obvious heroes shown on the featured image, there was another “hero” added to the game in this update. That “hero” is the trader, and she might be the most important addition to the game so far. Have you ever really needed gold, wood, iron, stone, or even shards? That’s no problem anymore with the trader giving you these items for cheap and affordable prices, and in large quantities. Now I’ll only say this once, but, the first video listed below will give plenty of info on the trader, and the two other heroes, so check them out! Off to the real heroes now, since they are still quite important to attacking now!

International Business Times states that:

To unlock Hero #1 – Sgt. Brick

  • Must have headquarters level 4 or higher
  • Must repair the broken down hut next to the island shore. This will be your hero hut where you can view your heroes’ profiles and abilities.

To unlock Hero #2 – Captain Everspark

  • Must defeat Col. Gearheart’s War Factory (Level 45)

this all is, of course, true, and very important to know about heroes when playing Boom Beach.

The first hero, Sgt. Brick (The soldier looking blond hero), is a powerful attacking hero with abilities that increase damage and speed, defense, and abilities that can even make cluster bombs. She is perfect for use behind a group of troops, because she does a ton of damage when protected. Her special is that she shoots a bomb every time her target resets. But then there’s Captain Everspark.

A versatile attacker and support, Captain Everspark (The red haired mechanic looking hero)’s got it all. She can spawn little critters, similar to the witch in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, and she can also plant timed bombs, and “hacking devices” that take over nearby enemy towers and make them fight against their own team. Her special also spawn critters, along with one of her abilities.

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These two videos below go over a little more details on how to use the heroes. The second one is mainly just for fun though!


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