Yugioh | Dark Magician Deck

Although Dark Magician isn’t really in the meta nowadays, it can be fun using it with all of its immense amount of support cards. I’ll be showing you a 40 main deck and 15 side deck that my friend and I have been having lots of fun with. This Dark Magician deck focuses on special summoning Dark Magician from the graveyard using Eternal Soul and using Rank 7 Xyzs along with DMOC.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Since the deck revolves around Dark Magician, it mostly consists of Spellcaster/Dark monsters, along with spell and trap cards that compliment them.


Dark Magician – the deck revolves around him, can be used for rank 7 XYZs, use 3

Dark Magician of Chaos – the boss monster of the deck, can banish monsters when destroyed, retrieves a spell card from the graveyard when summoned, can be a brick at times so only use 1 or 2 if you’re bold

Magician of Dark Illusion – it can be named as “Dark Magician” when on the field, special summoned when you use a spell/trap card on the opponent’s turn, and special summon a Dark Magician from the graveyard when you use a spell/trap card on your turn, use 2-3

Apprentice Illusion Magician – special summon by discarding a card from your hand, which can add a Dark Magician to your hand from the deck, can be sent from the hand to the graveyard to allow another Dark Spellcaster-Type monster to gain 2k ATK and DEF, use 1-2

Dark Magician Girl – gains 300 ATK for every Dark Magician in the graveyard, if supported enough it can be even higher than just a 3k beater, use 1-2

Chocolate Magician Girl can discard a Spellcaster-Type monster to draw a card and when attacked, it can special summon a Spellcaster-Type monster from the graveyard and change the attack target to it, halving the attacking monster’s ATK use 2-3

Armageddon Knight – used to send a Dark monster to the graveyard (and the deck is packed with them) use 1-2

Legion the Fiend Jester – tribute summon 1 Spellcaster-Type monster in addition to your normal summon, when sent from the field to the graveyard, you can add a Dark Magician from the deck or graveyard to your hand, use 1

Summoner Monk – discard 1 spell card, special summon 1 lvl 4 monster from the deck for some rank 4 plays

Magician’s Rod – when normal summoned, can add a spell/trap card that lists “Dark Magician” in the text, can tribute 1 Spellcaster-Type to add to your hand when you activate a spell’trap card during the opponent’s turn


Allure of Darkness –  banish Dark monster, draw 2 cards, use 1-2

Dark Magic Attack – when controlling a “Dark Magician” you destroy all their backrow, use 2-3

Raigeki –  nuke their monsters, you can only use 1

Dark Magic Veil/Dark Magic Curtain – pay LP (Veil pays 1k, Curtain pays half your current LP) and special summon a Dark Magician from the hand or graveyard

Dark Magic Expanded – use 2, based on the Dark Magicians and Dark Magician Girls on the field or graveyards:

1+ : 1 Dark Spellcaster monster gains 1k ATK for 1 turn,

2+ : opponent cant respond to or destroy your spell/trap effects,

3+ : Dark Spellcaster monsters you control can’t be affected by opponent card effects for 1 turn

Dedication Through Light and Darkness –  used to summon DMOC (Dark Magician of Chaos), use 1

Dark Magical Circle – can search for Dark Magician and his support cards, when a Dark Magician is summoned you can banish a card the opponent controls

Wonder Wand –  gives 500 ATK to Spellcaster monsters, can draw 2 cards when sent to the graveyard with the equiped monster (not  a bad idea with Dark Magician) use 2


Magician Navigation – can special summon 1 Dark Magician from the hand, allowing you to special summon a lvl 7 or lower Dark Spellcaster from the deck, when in the graveyard, you can banish it to negate a face-up spell/trap card the opponent has for 1 turn, use 2-3

Dark Renewal – when opponent summons, target the monster(s) and 1 Spellcaster monster you have, destroy both and you can special summon Dark Magician from the deck or graveyard (so you use Dark Magician and just revive him) use 1-2

Eternal Soul – all “Dark Magician” monsters you control are unaffected by your opponent’s card effects, can special summon 1 “Dark Magician” from the hand or graveyard, adds 1 Dark Magic Attack from deck to your hand, use 2-3

Solemn Strike/Warning –  destroys monster(s)/spell/trap cards when activating their effects or special/normal summoned, use 2 strikes, 1 warning

Extra Deck

Number C6: Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis – 3300 ATK and DEF, uses 3 lvl 7 monsters

CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader – 3k beater, can change an opponent monster’s battle position (negating its effects), uses 3 lvl 7 monsters

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon – can’t be destroyed by card effects while possesing Xyz material, inflicts 500 damage to the opponent when they activate a card or effect, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Number 74: Master of Blades – during either player’s turn, when a card or effect activates and targets this card, detach 1 Xyz material; negate and destroy it, then destroy another card on the field, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack – detach Xyz material, summon tokens, tokens are used to destroy 1 card on the field, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger – inflicts piercing damage to a defense position monster, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Number 11: Big Eye –  detach 1 Xyz material to steal an opponent’s monster, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Ebon Illusion Magician – detach 1 Xyz material to special summon Dark Magician, when Dark Magician attacks, this card can banish 1 card the opponent controls, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Ebon High Magician – detach 1 Xyz material to activate a quick-play spell/trap card during the opponent’s turn, when destroyed by battle and sent the the graveyard, you can special summon 1 Dark Spellcaster from the hand or deck, then you can destroy 1 card on the field, uses 2 lvl 7 monsters

Number S39: Utopia the Lightning – detach 2 Xyz material to double its attack to 5000 during damage calculation; when it battles, the opponent can’t activate cards or effects until the end of the damage step, is overlayed over a rank 4 “Utopia” monster

Number S39: Utopia Prime – can be used for very situational comebacks, mainly used to be overlay over Utopia the Lightning, overlays over “Number 39: Utopia”

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon – detach 2 Xyz material to half 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; this card gains that lost ATK

Number 39: Utopia – detach 1 Xyz material, negate any player’s monster’s attack, uses 2 lvl 4 monsters

Gagaga Cowboy – mainly used for its defense position effect, detach 1 Xyz material to inflict 800 burn damage to your opponent, uses 2 lvl 4 monsters

Princess Cologne – detach 1 Xyz material to special summon 1 normal monster (Dark Magician) from the deck or graveyard in face-up defense position, uses 2 lvl 4 monsters

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