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Upcoming Christmas Break

(12/16/16 – 1/2/16)


This is a reminder, or rather an announcement, that I will be away from this blog during the upcoming winter break. Before the break though, I will try to post at least one post, and many to follow, the long-ish absence. Thanks for supporting this blog, and Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: This picture was found via google, and is in no way coordinated with my own camera roll and/or my source of pictures.


Take a look at the things to come to NiceGamingAdvice!

Want to know what will be upcoming to this blog? Just take a look at the recent post about what will be coming in 2017!

Too lazy to just look for the post? Simply Click Here to get there faster!

Some extra info not shown on the post:

  • I will be doing partner posts (in videos, or on writing and editing), with people I know.
  • Lastly, I will be attempting to clean up the look of the blog eventually… does anyone know how to do countdowns (like for blog anniversaries) , or links to my friends’ blogs? Let me know in a comment on one of my posts! Thanks!


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Quick Update

Something’s been going on with my computer, so I won’t be able to post an actual blog post in the next few days. I’m doing this on my phone, which takes forever by the way! I will fix the problem though, hang tight!

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